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About Kontrollrådet:

Kontrollrådet offers its services both within the public and private sectors. Our main service is certification of building products with the aim to cover the requirements stated in the Norwegian Building Regulation 17 Chapter 3. We administer several certification schemes within the building sector and about 750 companies have joined our different schemes.

Kontrollrådet was established in December 1967 with the aim to run a mandatory approval scheme for concrete and concrete products. During the first years our business was extended with several voluntary certification schemes related to concrete and concrete products.

Today Kontrollrådet is established as a private foundation with the aim to be a leading notified body and certification body within our working areas. Our aim is thus strongly connected to our role as a notified body. We will, however still give priority to cover the market needs for voluntary certification schemes within our working areas.

Kontrollrådet is a notified body according to the Construction Products Regulation and is accredited for certification of products, quality systems and environmental systems.


We are running Approval and Certification Schemes within the following areas :

NS-EN ISO 9001:2015

NS-EN ISO 14001:2015

Class A – Ready-Mixed Concrete

Class B – Precast Concrete Products for Buildings

Class C – Pipes and Manholes

Class D – Precast Reinforced Concrete Products

Class E – Steel structures (certification is only offered within the execution classes EXC1, EXC2 and EXC3)

Class F – Light Weight Concrete Products

Class G – Admixtures and Additions for Concrete

Class H – Laboratories

Class K – Reinforcing Steel and Steel Components

Class L – Products of Cast Iron

Class M – Cement

Class N – Concrete Flags, Tiles and Curbs

Class O – Products for the protection and repair of concrete structures

Class P – Aggregates

Class R – Mortars

Class S – Asphalt and Bitumenous Mixtures



Where there are no public specifications for certification (standards etc) Kontrollrådet has developed its own Certification Schemes.
Some documents of more informative character have also been issued.
Only a few documents have however been translated to english and these are listed below.

Administrative provisions for Certification Activities

Certification scheme for Concrete Reinforcement – Application form

The company’s Factory Production Control system (FPC)


Contact Kontrollrådet

Visit us at: Rådhusgaten 4, Oslo
Address: P.O. Box 441 Sentrum, 0103 Oslo

Telephone: +47 46 44 60 98
E-mail: post@kontrollbetong.no

To ensure fast and correct registration, please address all e-mail to the address above, unless otherwise is agreed with your contact person at Kontrollrådet

Jan Karlsen – Executive manager
Overall manager and secretary of the board
Works within all of Kontrollrådet’s areas
Phone: +47 905 82 786
E-mail: jan.karlsen@kontrollbetong.no

The History of Kontrollrådet:

Kontrollrådet 40 years anniversary report


Useful links to bodies and organisations within the building sector are listed below. The links are divided in the following main groups:

Authorities and officials:
DiBK, National Office of Building Technology and Administration 
Harmonised Standards 
NA, Norwegian Accreditation
Norwegian Environment Agency
Norwegian Public Road Departement

Norwegian Precast Concrete Association
FABEKO, Norwegian Ready-Mixed Concrete Association
NB, Norwegian Concrete Association
Tekna, The Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers
NITO, The Norwegian Association of Engineers
NKF, The Norwegian Association of Local Authorities
Norwegian Mineral Industry
RIF, Association of Consulting Engineers

Standardisation :
CEN, the European Standardisation body
ISO, the International Standardisation body
Standards Norway

Research and developement: